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Black Wool / Deer Hair Bee

Black Wool / Deer Hair Bee

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The Litterboy Black Wool Bee refills fit the Popular Wand / Rod Toys. *Cats go crazy with this refill! *You need to hide it away while not in use!! The Litterboy Black Wool Bee refill is made of 100% Wool with Deer Hair and Leather Wings. Made with the wool securely fixed to a Leather core running through the middle (No sharp metal bar like other brands) The connection to the wand toy is via a braided strong cord loop on the front securely fixed to the leather core. Black & Gray stripes and small feather wings. ( Black is the Wool, Gray is Deer Hair) Simply clip on to play! (rods available separately and required to use attachment). Every cat has an inbuilt natural hunt instinct and need to hunt to lead a happy fulfilled life. Cats love the natural hunt toys. As with ALL cat toys, please supervise play and put away when not in use. Available in Single, 3 Pack or 5 Pack each approx 2" but will vary


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