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Breakaway Cat Collar

Breakaway Cat Collar

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The Safe Cat® Fashion Adjustable Breakaway Collar, a vibrant and stylish accessory that allows your feline friend to express their unique personality. This collar is a delightful fusion of fashion and functionality, featuring a variety of eye-catching and colorful designs. To add a touch of sparkle and charm, the collar includes a color-coordinating bell that not only looks adorable but also adds an audible element to your cat's presence. Crafted from soft and lightweight material, your cat will find this collar comfortable to wear, ensuring they remain content and happy.

  • Adjustable sizing, ranging from 8 to 12 inches, guarantees a perfect fit for your cat, no matter their size or breed.
  • Safety is paramount, and the breakaway buckle in this collar is designed to quickly release if your cat gets caught, allowing them to slip free and stay safe, giving you peace of mind during their adventures. Explore our range of styles to find the perfect Safe Cat® Fashion Adjustable Breakaway Collar that suits your cat's unique personality and adds a dash of style to their everyday look.
  • Breakaway Buckle
  • Adjustable


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