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Keepsafe Break-Away Collar Medium 1" x 14-20" Blue

Keepsafe Break-Away Collar Medium 1" x 14-20" Blue

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KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is designed to allow your dog to play and explore safely. The risk of dangerous collar accidents with traditional collars is higher than many owners realize. When a dog's collar becomes snagged on an object such as a fence, kennel, branch or even the teeth of a canine playmate, the results can be tragic. A snagged collar can result in injury, strangulation or even death. The KeepSafe collar minimizes the risk of such accidents because its patented break-away buckle is designed to harmlessly separate when the nylon collar becomes snagged. The KeepSafe collar can literally be a lifesaver for your best friend!

  • PROTECT YOUR PET: The KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is the only collar with a patented buckle specially designed for quick release to help prevent tragic collar accidents
  • STURDY, REUSABLE BUCKLE: The unique break-away buckle design separates when pressure is applied if the collar becomes caught or snagged; it easily snaps back together so it can be used again and again. A separate traditional snap buckle allows the collar to be put on and taken off easily
  • WORKS WITH WALKS: Two metal D rings located on either side of the break-away buckle let you easily secure the KeepSafe Collar when walking your dog; fasten the lead to both D rings to prevent the collar from breaking away during lead walks
  • PERFECT FOR PLAYTIME: Many collar mishaps occur when two or more dogs are playing together at home or at the park – jaws, paws or claws become snagged in a collar; the KeepSafe collar can help prevent playtime accidents for your dog and his buddies
  • SIZE INFORMATION: Medium collar: Adjustable 14-20 Inch length; 1 inch width;
  • Color Blue
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