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Litterboy 18" Catcher Wand

Litterboy 18" Catcher Wand

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The Litterboy Wand is approx. 18” long, with an approx. 36" braided wire that is nylon coated. The nylon coated wire is NOT glued into the top cap, nor is it looped through the top cap. The nylon coated wire goes through the cap top and into the wand itself. Since the wire is nylon coated it will not fray and no metal is exposed to your cat. There is a 4" plastic area at the bottom of the wand to offer a more comfortable area to hold the wand from. The wands come in more than 10 different colors (you will receive the color at random). Each is handmade in USA Safety Information: Attachment for interactive poles/wands and should ONLY be used on a pole/wand while you are holding the wand/pole. NEVER leave attachments for interactive poles/wands out for your cat, they are not chew toys and are designed for supervised interaction with your cat(s) during play sessions. All interactive toys and attachments should be put away our of sight and reach of your cat(s) when the play session is over.

- Wand is approx. 18” long, with an approx. 36 inch braided wire that is nylon coated
- Rod Colors are Assorted
- Made in the USA

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