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Retro Mouse

Retro Mouse

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Litterboy Cat Toys:

Litterboy Retro Mouse Refills Each Approx 1-3/4" - 2" Body with 4" tail, 1/2" String Loop - similar to the older Catcher Refill
Compatible with the Popular Catcher Wand toys that utilize a String or Metal Wire with the swivel connector, such as Baton, Frenzy, Da Bird, Cat Catcher if you have question about connecting please ask !!
Recommended by veterinarians as an interactive exercise toy
Deer Hair Body with Leather Center, Ears and Tail. Loop to Connect to Rod - Nothing Sharp, No Plastic
Litterboy Rod is approx. 18” long, with an approx. 36" braided wire that is nylon coated. The nylon coated wire is NOT glued into the top cap, nor is it looped through the top cap. The nylon coated wire goes through the cap top and into the wand itself. Since the wire is nylon coated it will not fray and no metal is exposed to your cat. There is a 4" plastic area at the bottom of the wand to offer a more comfortable area to hold the Rod


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